Two Suggestions to Consider When Having New Lines Painted on Your School Property


If you've booked the school line-marking services of a contractor because the current lines in the school you manage have faded, here are some suggestions you should follow. 1. Opt for non-glossy paint in the playground When the contractor asks you which paint you want them to use to re-do the lines in the playground, you should specify that you'd prefer them to use either a matte or satin paint instead of a glossy one.

1 February 2021

4 Crucial Factors to Consider for a Successful Subdivision Construction Project


Subdividing land for construction can be a lucrative venture if you're focused on reaping meaningful value from your investment. However, a land subdivision is not as simple as splitting your property into lots and selling each to make a profit. The concept behind it is far too complicated. There are considerable risks and requirements to consider before committing to a project.  Before plunging deeper into subdivision construction, consider these four crucial factors:

19 February 2020

3 Amazing Uses of Stone in Your Home


If you are like many people, the first thing that often comes to mind when you hear the term "stonework" is the construction of buildings and other structures with stone. While buildings or other structures built from stone are a critical part of modern architecture and construction, stonework entails so much more than just the construction of walls, paving and the like.  There are several other ways to use stone in your home, even if your home isn't built with stone.

31 August 2019

Plasterboard Construction: Understanding the Specialty Options for Your Home


Plasterboard is an ideal material for use in lightweight-framed residential structures. The product is strong and durable; homeowners will have extended service from the element. Also, plasterboard can be painted or plastered for an attractive appearance. Therefore, if you are building or renovating your home, you should think about installing this lining board as an internal wall or ceiling. There are different types of plasterboard to consider choosing for your project.

27 November 2017

4 Reasons to Replace Your Timber Cladding with Vinyl Cladding


Many people enjoy the look that timber cladding can give the exterior of their home. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons why timber cladding might need to be replaced. When that must happen, you'll probably be tempted to simply stick with what you know, but that is rarely the best idea. Instead of replacing your timber cladding with more timber cladding, here are just four reasons why you should opt for vinyl cladding instead.

24 January 2017

Pre-Purchase Inspection Guidelines To Help You Buy A Safe Home For Your Family


You should carry out appropriate pre-purchase building inspections before buying your new home. Proper inspection of a building will ensure that safety hazards are discovered, and you won't have to buy a home that will put your family in danger. Below are basic inspection guidelines to help you assess the safety of a home you intend to buy. Assess the Structural Stability Make sure you pay attention to the structural stability of the house you want to buy, so as to detect any defects that may be present.

24 June 2016

Why Your Commercial Premises Should Have Window Security Films


Security is something of utmost importance for every property owner; no one wants intruders to gain forceful entry into their property and steal or cause damage to their interior assets. What is more, all people inside a particular building should be protected from harm that may be caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, mild earthquakes or fierce storms. That perhaps explains why, over time, manufacturers of safety and security-enhancing products have continually been striving to provide people with unique and effective ways to protect their homes, commercial buildings and industrial premises.

26 February 2016

Three Industrial Cooling Tower Problems And Their Solutions

Industrial & Manufacturing Blog

As is the case with other types of industrial equipment, cooling towers are bound to suffer wear and tear after being in use for extended durations. This often creates the need to carry out maintenance and repair-related activities on the cooling tower. This article discusses three common problems that affect industrial cooling towers and their solutions for the benefit of business owners looking to undertake DIY maintenance of these cooling systems.

25 January 2016

Questions a Potential Homeowner Should Ask about Solid Timber Doors


When you start touring homes and narrowing down the home you want to buy, there are certain questions you think of asking. Some of these questions deal with the age of the wiring, when the last time the heating system was checked, and the last time the roof was repaired or replaced. One set of questions you may overlook asking relates to your solid timber doors. Here are some important questions you should ask:

18 January 2016

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedure


A spotless kitchen is extremely important due to health and safety reasons and also for customer retention. Regular cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchens makes it easier for future cleanups. When cleaning a commercial kitchen, the best approach is to divide the tasks into smaller duties. Following is a procedure on how commercial kitchens should be cleaned professionally. Cleaning Items Needed Mop Mop bucket Broom and dustpan Non abrasive scrubbing brush Lint –free towels or paper towels Floor cleaner Disinfecting multi-purpose cleaner Disposable gloves Cleaning Hard Surfaces

13 January 2016