My squeaking bathroom door

Every time anyone goes in an out of our bathroom at night I can hear it because the bathroom door squeaks. I've asked by husband to fix it so many times that I am sick of the sound of my voice. I am getting a contractor to fix the job and do all of the other jobs on my husband's to do list. I am sick of nagging him, so I'm hiring in someone to get rid of all of these little issues. This blog is for other fed up wives who just want to see their houses fixed like they asked.

3 Amazing Uses of Stone in Your Home


If you are like many people, the first thing that often comes to mind when you hear the term "stonework" is the construction of buildings and other structures with stone. While buildings or other structures built from stone are a critical part of modern architecture and construction, stonework entails so much more than just the construction of walls, paving and the like. 

There are several other ways to use stone in your home, even if your home isn't built with stone. Check out these three great applications of stone in your home.

1. Backsplashes 

There are various backsplash materials out there for you to choose from, but stone is pretty tough to beat. The resilience of stone lends itself to use in kitchens where there is a need to protect wall surfaces from heat, spills and splashes. In terms of aesthetics, the natural beauty of stone is incomparable. In fact, other less expensive backsplash options, such as ceramic tile backsplashes sometimes go the opposite direction by imitating the natural look of stone.

While the pits and grooves in stone make it harder to clean compared to other backsplash options, such as glass backsplashes, stone backsplashes can be kept clean and hygienic with the right care and maintenance.

2. Countertops

If you are like the majority of homeowners who prefer to match their kitchen countertops with the same material as their stone backsplashes, installing a stone countertop is an obvious choice. This is essential to achieve a balanced interior décor. However, some thought should be given to the choice of surface texture. For kitchen countertops to be functional, they require a smooth finish. If the surface is rough, it might not lend itself to use in meal preparation activities such as making dough.

3. Outdoor Worktops

The use of stonework isn't necessarily limited to your indoor living space–you can also create outdoor work areas from stone. Outdoor worktops come in handy if your indoor working areas are too small to accommodate your needs. If you have an outdoor kitchen, for example, adding a countertop to it can allow you to take all your meal preparation outside when you're having a lot of guests over.

Aside from the above-discussed domestic applications of stone, there are several other ways to use stone in your home. Feel free to share your ideas with an experienced stonemason to see how they can create beautiful, functional workspaces for your family.


31 August 2019