My squeaking bathroom door

Every time anyone goes in an out of our bathroom at night I can hear it because the bathroom door squeaks. I've asked by husband to fix it so many times that I am sick of the sound of my voice. I am getting a contractor to fix the job and do all of the other jobs on my husband's to do list. I am sick of nagging him, so I'm hiring in someone to get rid of all of these little issues. This blog is for other fed up wives who just want to see their houses fixed like they asked.

Plasterboard Construction: Understanding the Specialty Options for Your Home


Plasterboard is an ideal material for use in lightweight-framed residential structures. The product is strong and durable; homeowners will have extended service from the element. Also, plasterboard can be painted or plastered for an attractive appearance. Therefore, if you are building or renovating your home, you should think about installing this lining board as an internal wall or ceiling. There are different types of plasterboard to consider choosing for your project.

If you require just a simple wall or ceiling, you should acquire a general-purpose, standard, wallboard. However, if you are interested in specific performance features, you must purchase specialty construction supplies. Here are some of the special-purpose plasterboard options that you can incorporate into your building.

Moisture Resistant Boards

If you are planning on installing plasterboard in a moist or wet area, you should choose lining boards which will not sustain damage from the exposure. If the room is damp but not wet, you can install damp-proof plasterboard. This type of product is similar to the standard wall and ceiling panels. However, the rear side has a foil which prevents moisture damage in the home. If you are planning on installing your boards in a wet area such as your bathroom or laundry room, you must purchase moisture-resistant plasterboard. This product contains water repellent additives which prevent water damage. 

Sound Insulation Boards

Noise transmission within the house can be a problem, especially if you have a boisterous family or work from your home. Fortunately, you can control the noise transmission by choosing the right plasterboard. Sound insulation boards are manufactured with a high-density core. This element is useful in reducing most airborne noises and impact sounds will not be efficiently transmitted. You should note that this product will provide acoustic attenuation, not complete soundproofing. If you would like better sound insulation, use the board together with mineral wool and resilient installation bars.

Impact Resistant Boards

If you are looking for plasterboard which can withstand mechanical stress, you should consider purchasing the impact resistant board. This board has a core with very high density; the structure will resist dents and other forms of damage from external knocks. This product is primarily used in commercial spaces, but it can increase the durability of your interior space. For optimal performance, you should think about installing boards which combine impact, moisture and noise resistance. 

Choosing the perfect Gyprock plasterboard for special applications can be challenging. If you are not sure about the right product, you should consult your supplier for expert advice.


27 November 2017