My squeaking bathroom door

Every time anyone goes in an out of our bathroom at night I can hear it because the bathroom door squeaks. I've asked by husband to fix it so many times that I am sick of the sound of my voice. I am getting a contractor to fix the job and do all of the other jobs on my husband's to do list. I am sick of nagging him, so I'm hiring in someone to get rid of all of these little issues. This blog is for other fed up wives who just want to see their houses fixed like they asked.

What Most Homeowners Overlook When Choosing a New Air Conditioning Unit


If you're in the market for a new air conditioning unit for your home, you don't want to buy the cheapest model or assume that the most expensive unit is necessarily the best. It's easy for homeowners to overlook many features and factors when choosing a new air conditioning unit and wind up with one that needs repairs more often than they thought or that just doesn't work well for their home. Note a few of these features here so you don't make the same mistake of overlooking them when you're ready to shop.

1. Size

Homeowners often make the mistake of choosing the smallest central air conditioning unit on the market to save money. This can cause the unit to work too hard, too often, in order to maintain your home's temperature. In turn, the parts can wear out very quickly. 

An oversized unit is not the solution either. This can mean getting the home cool too quickly so that humidity is not removed. You may then wind up with a cold, clammy feeling in the home and excessive moisture that causes mildew to build up on furniture and in carpeting. When choosing a new central unit, choose a size that is meant for your home, your climate, and so on.

2. Repair and maintenance

Washable filters may be more expensive to purchase, but they can mean saving on disposable filters over the years. Dirt, dust, and other debris cause the air conditioner to need more maintenance over the years, so be sure you choose a unit that fits next to your home or inside your home while still having plenty of space around it. This will allow for more airflow so that dust and dirt don't settle on the unit and put excessive wear on the motor or blower. 

Also, note how easy it is to clean a central unit so that you can do this job yourself and avoid calling a repair technician for routine maintenance. You should be able to easily remove the front grill or grate and clean the fan blades and condenser coils on your own; be sure you look for a unit that is easily accessible by a homeowner and doesn't require a professional to take it apart just for routine cleaning.

3. Alternative choices

You also don't want to overlook alternative choices for an air conditioner in your home when choosing a new unit. A split system in one room can mean not running the central air conditioner constantly in order to keep just one space cooler. You can have this installed along with a central air unit so you have the most options for cooling needs in your home.

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6 January 2016