My squeaking bathroom door

Every time anyone goes in an out of our bathroom at night I can hear it because the bathroom door squeaks. I've asked by husband to fix it so many times that I am sick of the sound of my voice. I am getting a contractor to fix the job and do all of the other jobs on my husband's to do list. I am sick of nagging him, so I'm hiring in someone to get rid of all of these little issues. This blog is for other fed up wives who just want to see their houses fixed like they asked.

Three Different Waste Types for Specialty Skip Bins


Waste management is an important aspect to consider in both commercial and residential environments. The schedule for waste collection and disposal will determine the hygiene and even the aesthetics of your property. If you do not have established plans for the management of waste, your space might become littered. In addition, putrefying waste attracts flies and other pests, which are carriers of dangerous disease pathogens.

One beneficial waste management tool is the skip bin hire service. This type of service is convenient because the waste contractor will drop the collection container on your premises. When the container is full, they will collect the waste and drop off an empty one. Moreover, you can choose a skip bin for your specific waste types. Here are the different waste types that are collected in specific skip bins.

General Waste

The most common type of skip bin hired from waste management companies is probably the general waste one. This is an ideal choice for the residential environment where the waste collected is assorted. You can put diverse materials in these containers, including plastic, paper, metals and even construction waste. In simple terms, you can put in common rubbish like boxes, wood, lawn clippings, glass, tree stumps and clothes. You can put in some soil, concrete and bricks in the same container, but this will increase the weight of the skip bin quickly. This can limit the amount of waste volume because there are weight restrictions imposed.

Building Waste

If you are performing construction or renovation tasks in your commercial or residential property, it is advisable to choose a building waste skip bin package. This type of waste container can be used for collecting most types of construction materials. These include dirt, concrete, bricks, asphalt, crushed rock and soil. Timber, laminate, sleepers, tree stumps and tiles can also be included in the container. There are strict regulations on weight imposed, so ask your waste contractor about the possibility of separating the recyclable materials. Some companies will offer discounts for concrete, bricks and tiles because they have economic value.

Green Waste

Landscaping projects can produce assorted green waste materials. This type of rubbish includes all organic materials such as turf clippings, tree stumps, wood chips, small tree branches and tree bark. Sleepers, fence palings, timbers and metal logs are not typically allowed in this type of specialty collection. In addition, it is important to ask about restrictions imposed on tree stump sizes.


5 January 2016